Rainbow Eel

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Once up on a time way back in the dreamtime, the original inhabitants of this country (Aboriginal People) as they were sitting on flat ground one of the aboriginal people turned to the other and watched as the seen what looked like a big Eel with legs and it was moving fast going side to side, bashing against the banks heading straight towards the sea and as it got to the water it turned around allowing the water to gush into the cavity left by the Eel. A rainbow was in the Sky and the Eel absorbed the colours from the rainbow and turned into the rainbow Eel which then headed back onto the land and sliding side to side and forming the mountains and the shape of the Clarence River and the many islands with in. the Aboriginal people were born on the islands and they own the island today my dad was one of them his name is Allen Laurie.

Size : 1070mm x 850mm

Medium : Oil on canvas

Framed : Yes


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